Young-Deuk Park
Young-Deuk Park, Ph.D.

    Solar and Space Weather Research Group
    Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)

    2007 - present Space Weather Prediction Center Principal Investigator
    2007 - 2008 KASI Vice President
    1990 - present Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

    Solar Physics
    Space Weather

J. Davila
Joseph M. Davila, Ph. D.

    Solar Physics Branch
    Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics
    NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center

    2009 - Present Solar Orbiter/SPICE Co-Investigator
    2007 - Present Senior Scientist, Solar Phys. Lab.
    1999 - Present Hinode/EIS Co-Investigator
    1999 - Present STEREO/COR1 Lead Scientist, SECCHI Co-Investigator
    1991 - 2000 SERTS Pricipal Investigator

    Solar and Stellar Physics
    Cosmic Rays

A. Posner
Arik Posner, Ph. D.

    Heliophysics Division
    Acience Mission Directorate
    NASA Headquarters

    2009 - Present Program Scientist for ACE, IBEX, Voyager and Wind
    2003 - 2009 Development of particle detector, RAD
    2001 - 2003 Research scientist at the University of Kiel

    Solar Physics
    Heliospheric Physics

H. Haubold
Hans J. Haubold, Ph. D.

    Space Application Section
    UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

    1991 – Present Pricipal organizer of the United Nations Basic Space
Science Initiative (UNBSSI)
    1988 – Present Space Applications Section,
Outer Space Affairs Division, UN
    1983 – 1991 Head of Cosmology Research Group,
Extragalactic Astronomy Section of
the Institute for Astrophysics

    - The H-function : Theory and Applications, A.M. Mathai, R.K. Saxena,
      H.J. Haubold, Springer, 2010
    - Special functions for applied scientists, A.M. Mathai, H.J. Haubold,
      Springer, 2008

    Theoretical Astrophysics
    Space Weather

T. Onsager
Terrance G. Onsager, Ph. D.

    NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

    2010 – Present Co-Chair, WMO Inter-Programme Coordination Team
on Space Weather
    2009 – 2010 Program Analyst, National Weather Service International
Activities Office – Saudi Arabia, Middle East, and Space
    2009 – Present NWS Science and Technology Roadmap
Space Weather Team Lead
    2007 – Present Member, NASA Living With a Star Targeted Research
and Technology

    Prediction of space weather
    Near-Earth radiation environment

S. Watari
Shinichi Watari, Ph. D.

    Space Environment Group
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

    1984 - Present National Institute of Information and Communications
Technology (NICT)
    1993 - 1994 Guest Researcher of SEL/NOAA (present SWPC/NOAA)

    Solar Terrestrial Physics
    Space Weather Research

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